recipes that teach you how to cook without recipes


Shameleon’s Kitchen aims to teach you how to cook, not to follow recipes. The recipes here usually contain lots of suggestions and guidelines, ideas for other ingredients and ranges in amounts of ingredients. In Shameleon’s Kitchen, no measuring cups and weighing scales are used (except for some baked goods and even then Shameleon often wings it). Shameleon rarely follows a recipe but loves food bloggers and recipe creators because they provide inspiration and ideas for new foods and combinations of ingredients. It’s Shameleon’s hope that you’ll find inspiration here that will guide you to cook the way you want to cook and to make food that you want to eat.

As Shameleon comes from an Indian background and has a special place in her reptilian heart for South East and East Asia (especially Japan), the majority of food you’ll find in Shameleon’s Kitchen will be Asian influenced – spicy, garlic-y, ginger-y, wok-y, curries, lots of rice and noodles. However, Shameleon also likes to experiment with cuisines and dishes unfamiliar to her, so you’re also likely to find a Shameleon spin on a variety of cuisines and baked goods, as well as some western classics.